Company Profile

Alpha IBC Group was established to provide clients with a wide range of trust, corporate, and international banking services in support of their offshore and onshore needs. We specialize in providing legal structures and related activities that facilitate our client’s international tax planning needs. These range from International Business Corporations and Limited Liability Companies to, Asset Protection Trusts, trust management, insurance company formation, multi-jurisdictional legal and accounting, private corporate and personal banking activities, and other related financial services.

Our firm provides professional services such as nominee directors and officers, as well as nominee shareholders, registered agents, and corporate office structures, such as phone, fax, and remailing, structured to specific client needs. Alpha IBC Group provides professionals to enter into negotiations on our client's behalf whilst guaranteeing anonymity. These kinds of services are often needed by those working with venture partners, suppliers, or during the investigation of acquisitions, mergers, and takeovers.

As a matter of policy we believe firmly in each individual's right to pursue aggressive and unrestrained enterprise and that it may be best developed through a secure, reliable, confidential, and tax friendly jurisdiction.