Cautious due diligence contrasted with a commercial appreciation of the practicalities of international business sometimes represent opposing needs. Worldwide concerns about drug related crimes, money laundering, and similar issues are certainly valid, on the other hand the loss of privacy can seriously damage legitimate business activities.

All prospective client introductions are cleared through affiliated professionals, primarily legal and accounting firms. In order to protect the integrity of both Alpha IBC Group and its worldwide customer base, clients are expected to comply with our policy varyingly referred to as a "Know Your Client" policy, or "Client Due Diligence" guidelines. To this end, whilst ensuring that a strict provision for client confidentiality is safeguarded, thorough due diligence on both their client's identities and the nature of their business activities is always required.

KYC stands for “KNOW YOUR CLIENT” this is a compulsory obligation to tackle Money Laundering and Crime Prevention. Alpha IBC Limited is currently regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), as part of our efforts to comply with the current AML directive we are required to collect the following documentation/information on our clients and persons connect to the company structure: -



  1. All persons connected to the Company must provide a copy of ONE of the following:
    • Current Valid Full Passport
  2. Such copy must bear a clear photograph, the holders signature and the document number.
  3. The copy must be certified by any of the following:
    • A notary public
    • A banker
    • A Lawyer
    • A Certified Accountant.
  4. 4. The documents sent to us must bear the original signature of the person certifying the identity document and insert the following text (or similar) on the copy:
    “Having seen the individual and the identification documentation at the same time, I certify this is a true copy of the original and that the photograph is a reasonable likeness”

PROOF OF RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS – This is a compulsory requirement

Please provide ONE of the following dated within the last three months, for each person:

  • Original utility bill Original bank or mortgage statement from the recognized bank.
  • Original credit card statement.
Original reference letter from a recognized bank.


A statement is required from the beneficial owner providing a brief explanation as to the origins of his/her wealth.


If a bank account is to be opened OR if a person is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) then we will require a CV in order to understand the person’s education, work experience and qualifications. Additionally if person is known PEP an additional questionnaire will be required. If you are having difficulty providing any of the above mentioned documents please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff who will be pleased to assist.

In the case of legal entity, please attach where applicable, the following documents:
(a) Certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
(b) Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation / Registration.
(c) Original Certificate of Directors with a date of issue not older than 30 days from the date of signing the Agreement.
(d) Certified copy of the Certificate of Shareholders (in the case of private company) / Partners / Members.
(e) Certified copy of a resolution of the board of directors or other appropriate board or body for the representation of the Client (by director/s) and for the authorization of the representative/s to sign the Agreement and the relevant documents.
(I) Declaration of Trust / Trust Deed if Shareholder is a nominee
(f) Certified copy of a resolution of the board of directors for the representation of the Client by a third person (if applicable) accompanied by a certified power of attorney and/or resolution of the board of directors certified as Power of Attorney.
(g) True copy of the Identity Card or Passport of representative/s (director/s) and shareholders.
(h) True copy of the Identity Card or Passport of the Authorized Representative / Attorney (if applicable).
(j) All of the above documents for the shareholder and if they are legal entities.


Alpha IBC Group guarantees it shall keep notes of conversations, financial activities, and all written correspondence with clients confidential. All paper and electronic files are stored in Cyprus, where they are protected by privacy and confidentiality statutes.