Tax Planning

The purpose of personal tax planning is to minimise your international tax

liability and thereby increasing your disposable income. To maximise

personal benefits personal tax planning involves time and planning into the

future. Little can be done on ad hoc basis.

Often this subject is not addressed for the following reasons:

- No time

- Lack of Know How

- Lack of Point of contact

- Not identifying the need

- Responsibilities of every day life are too great to address this subject

Our tools are:

- Double taxation treaties

- European Directives

- Moving Tax residency to a low tax jurisdiction

- Separating Legal ownership from beneficial enjoyment of assets

- Placing private assets into companies or trusts

- Streamlining financial affairs

What does our service involve?

- Assessing your particular circumstances

- Providing practical solution as to how your situation can be improved

- Discussions with relevant local advisors where necessary

- Implementing new structure

- Managing and administering new structure where requested

Who can benefit from our service?

- Persons with multinational interests

- Persons with multinational assets

- Persons working in different countries e.g consultants .

- High net worth individuals