LocationBelize City, Belize, Central America Formerly British Honduras
Native language English, Spanish, Creole
CurrencyBelize dollar tied to the US dollar
Political status/Constitution Self-governing independent since 1981, domestic bicameral; member of British Commonwealth
Banking & professional facilities Excellent offshore and local banking, qualified international financial services providers, attorneys, accountants, offshore certified staff support
Legal system English Common Law
Offshore specialities/expertiseBanking investments, trust and fund management; Company administration

Income tax
resident25% of net income tax and there is also business tax that ranges from 0.75% to 19% of gross profit, depending on the activity of the business
non-resident N/A
non-resident N/A
Estate duty No
Corporate tax
residentSame as business tax, ranging from 0.75% to 19%
non-resident N/A
exempt N/A
Withholding taxes No
Exchange controls
non-resident Nil

Are trusts permitted? Yes
Perpetuity period None
Accumulation period N/A
Trust law Yes
Trust duty No
Forced heirship exclusion No
Asset protection measures Yes
Trust register Yes, general registrar
Resident trustee/s required No
Regulation of trustees No

Type of corporate vehicles Chapter 206 (local companies); IBC's; protected cell companies; mutual funds; limited liability partnerships; trusts; limited duration companies
Incorporation time scale 2 hours
$ 100 if capital is $50,000 or below; $1,000 if authorised capital exceeds $50,000
OtherApproximately, US$600; fees may vary depending on registered agents. These fees apply to LDC's. Rates are similar for Chapter 206 companies
Annual - Government $100 if capital is $50,000 or below; $1,000 if authorised capital exceeds $50,000
Other N/A
Resident directors required No
Min number of directors requiredOne at time of incorporation
Directors meetings required No
Location/frequency N/A
Other requirements N/A
Beneficial ownership disclosure No
Shareholder disclosureNo
Minimum number of shareholders1 for IBC & LDC
Bearer shares allowed All types of shares allowed
No-par value shares allowed Yes
Public share register No
Shareholders meetings requiredNo, only when IBC directors determine need
Frequency Whenever directors determine the need
Place Discretionary
Annual return required No
Audit required No
Foreign currency accounting allowed Yes
Registered office Yes
Registered agent Yes
Stamp/capital duty No
Naming your company No company shall be incorporated under the Act under a name that contains the words "Assurance", "Bank", "Building Society", "Trusts", "Chamber of Commerce", "Insurance", "Municipal", "Royal"
Company mobility provisions/redomicility rules Continuation of IBC's or LDC's to Belize. It may also discontinue within Belize to an outside jurisdiction if the laws of that jurisdiction so allow