Location Iberian Peninsula
Population 30,000
Native language English/Spanish
Currency Gibraltar pound
Political status Multi-party democracy
Constitution & Political status/stability Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom within the EU, self-governing
Banking & professional facilities 18 established European banks; UK trained lawyers and accountants
Legal system English common law supplemented by local legislation

Income tax
resident 20-48%
non-resident 20-48% on Gibraltar source income excluding bank interest
resident 20-48%
non-resident No
Corporate tax
resident 35%; small companies 20%
non-resident No
exempt % Fee �225 annually;
qualifying companies 0-35%
Estate duty Abolished 1997
Withholding taxes 35% on dividends and on interest paid to companies; 30% on interest paid to individuals
Exchange controls
resident No
non-resident No

Are trusts permitted? Yes
Perpetuity period 100 years
Accumulation period 100 years
Statutory trust law English common law and Gibraltar ordinances
Trust duty No
Forced heirship exclusion Yes
Asset protection measures Yes
Trust register Voluntary (since January 2000)
Resident trustee/s required No
Regulation of trustees Yes; Gibraltar was one of the first jurisdictions to regulate trust and company management services providers under the Financial Services Ordinance 1989
Type of corporate vehicles Non-resident company, exempt company, qualifying company, 1992 holding company, company limited by shares, company limited by guarantee having a share capital, company limited by guarantee not having a share capital, unlimited company
Incorporation time scale 3 to 5 days, under certain, conditions, 24 hours incorporation possible
Fees: Incorporation - Government �50 payable to Companies House, �100 for an urgent incorporation
Annual -
tax �225, annual return �30; filing of accounts �10; filing of particulars of directors or secretaries �5
Resident directors required No
Min number of directors required 1
Directors meetings required Yes
Other requirements Resident company secretary
Beneficial ownership disclosure Yes, in the case of tax exempt and qualifying companies
Shareholder disclosure Yes
Minimum number of shareholders 1
Bearer shares allowed Yes, conditional
No-par value shares allowed No
Public share register Yes
Shareholders meetings required Yes, can be waived
Frequency One every year
Place Worldwide
Annual return required Yes
Audit required Yes, but there are certain derogations for small and medium-sized companies
Foreign currency accounting allowed Yes
Registered office Yes
Registered agent No
Stamp/capital duty 0.5% on share capital but not on share transfers (exempt and qualifying companies); non-resident trusts are exempt
Naming your company Sensitive words such as 'bank', 'insurance' etc. restricted to licence, no confusion with existing company allowed
Company mobility provisions/redomicility rules Redomiciliation to and from EU member states and some others possible since March 1996; list of countries from which companies can redomicile to Gibraltar was expanded with effect from 2000