DRAFT for Annual Company Maintenance

Alpha IBC Limited provides a variety of services upon and after the incorporation of a company, some of which have to be renewed annually. Our clients are offered an automatic renewal of the selected services, as long as the annual invoices are covered. It is critical to pay attention to the renewal of the company and the services selected since the inability to comply with the payment orders may result in fines and the disbandment of the company.

We would like to inform our existing and potential clients that attention should be given to the services that require renewal (monthly /quarterly/annually), some of which can be seen below:

Annual Registered Agent and Registered Office
Annual Report and Financial Statements Preparation
Bookkeeping and/or Audit Preparation
Annual Service of Nominee Director and/or Shareholder
Annual Fixed Levy
Landline / Fax (monthly)

It is to be noted that different requirement are set by different jurisdictions. Due to the prevention of tax avoidance, many jurisdictions may have altered or enforced different means or services that are essential for maintaining a company. It is important to emphasise that the differences in the demands should not be overlooked when selecting where the company is to be incorporated.

For more information in regards to the Annual Maintenance of a company, please contact our team of specialists, which will clarify any query or concern you may have.