Bank introduction

We at Alpha IBC Group have gained untold expertise over many years so that we can exceed your expectations to fulfilling your banking requirements.

Once your Company has been incorporated Alpha IBC can assist you with opening a bank account. We can introduce you to well established banks that will be suited to your personal business needs. These banks can supply you with multi currency accounts, full internet access, credit/debit cards and ATM Cards making you able to access your account from almost anywhere in the world.

There are hundreds thousands of different banks in the world. It is often very hard to choose the proper bank for opening a business account. It depends on the necessary bank instruments, which the bank offers, public or anonymous accounts and many more. It also depends on the activity of the company. Sometimes it is important to have anonymous bank account, sometimes publicity is more important. Anyway, you should notice one important thing: there are NO universal bank accounts. Do not ever trust companies, that offer unique or “all in one” bank accounts.

Alpha IBC Group has strong relations with a number of highly regarded international banks throughout the world. We are able to arrange introductions and account openings on behalf of the company/client.

We recommend you to use the free advice of our best banking specialists. We guarantee confidentiality of all consultations.

Affordable offshore account

You can also open an offshore account and have a credit card as well as online banking. You can withdraw money from more than 400.000 Alpha IBC Group's all over the world. Offshore bank accounts incur a fee structure broadly similar to those of onshore banks.