Nominee service

The purpose of using nominee service is to ensure the highest degree of security and confidentiality.

The reasoning behind nominee services is to protect the identity of the client, ensuing discretion and anonymity. The motive of using nominee services is so that the nominee person(s) appears in the corporate documents other than the beneficial owner of the Company. However nominees have no control over the company and are not entitled to manage. A nominee is a person who takes a superficial interest in the Company's business and is basically there to sign documents accepting appointments.

Power of Attorneys can be provided by us authorizing whoever appointed to deal with the day to day running of the business.

Using nominee services is basically a legal way of helping a person keep there identity disclosed, we carefully plan and arrange to ensure full legality but enables you to keep your personal details out of public records. Nominee services include Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder.

Trustee Services

An offshore trust is created when assets are transferred to a trustee. The trustee becomes the legal owner and is responsible for managing the assets and distributing them to the beneficiaries of the offshore trust. There are many good quality reasons to use a trustee and once you have decided to set up an offshore trust your first and most important decision will be is the choice of trustee that gives you absolute peace of mind. We here at Alpha IBC Group can offer you immense benefits. For more information about trustees please contact our experts for their professional advice.