There are many different reason why you may want to change the jurisdiction of your company. Numerous tax laws and political statements are constantly changing so in cases like this it is possible for you to change the jurisdiction of the account. This process is otherwise known as redomicilation. Redomicilation is a process in which an offshore jurisdiction allows foreign companies to change their jurisdiction of incorporation. The legal representative of the company will usually permit the transfer of a company the original seat of Incorporation´┐Ż into another jurisdiction.

Please keep in mind that its not your company that is changing, the name will remain the same it is only the jurisdiction that changes.

In view of the fact that different countries have different rules and legislations, and for whatever reason you would like to redomicile your company to another jurisdiction we will be at hand to help you supply the relevant documents and lead you in the right direction.

Once the transfer has been carried out the company will receive the transfer of domicile or otherwise known as the certificate of redomicilation.