Bank introduction

We at Alpha IBC Group have gained untold expertise over many years so that we can exceed your expectations to fulfilling your banking requirements.

Once your Company has been incorporated Alpha IBC can assist you with opening a bank account. We can introduce you to well established banks that will be suited to your personal business needs. These banks can supply you with multi-currency accounts, full internet access, credit/debit cards and ATM Cards making you able to access your account from almost anywhere in the world. Some individual banks have made it a tradition to provide international banking services to non-resident companies and individuals. They are comfortable with the concept ofopening accounts for non-residents, and conversely benefit from providing financial services as a part of the international banking centre where they are located.

In most cases visiting the the country in which you wish for the account to be opened is not necessary, nor travelling to the country of the bank to carry out any banking activity. It should be noted that modern day banking is under the growing scrutiny of the national regulator and international bodies concerned with the prevention of money laundering, the fighting of terrorist activities and slamming doors on tax evasion. Each and every bank values its name and reputation very highly and strives to carry out their operations within the law. They show no interest in doing business with “people in the street”, but give priority to creditworthy recommended clients who carry a set of immaculate documents and significant financial potential.